About Mr. Knobs

Mr. Knobs is a daredevil act you can’t turn away from. A sound so big it’ll catapult you into the stratosphere, catching you on your way down in the buoyant embrace of a trapeze net. Painting with ethereal violin, primal percussion, neon synths and the whirring electronic melodies of the digisphere, the band augments electrifying vocals and dramaturgic lyrics with their unique alchemy of analog and digital sound. Strap in and get ready to dance, weep, and howl to Mr Knobs’ own mystical brand of electronic prog pop. 


Knobs Family

Vidushi Goyal | vocals, songwriting, production

Sarah Hubbard | violin, theremin, production

Steve Lamos | drums, trumpet, sampler

Isaac Vance | bass, guitar, keyboard

John Baldwin | drums

amammalusingspeech | production, mixing, mastering

Design Credit: Nina Garcia | Photo Credit: Jesus Ortiz | Video Credit: Sophie Medvick